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Ayurveda, a universal and timeless medicine

AYUR-VEDA means the science of life in Sanskrit. Established more than 5000 years ago, its principles apply at all times and to all cultures. It is a philosophy and a science both, an art of living and a precise knowledge of the human body and care. Every scientific discovery made nowadays confirms what the Rishis, the sages of India, have already revealed through the texts of Ayurveda in the famous works written in Sanskrit as Charaka Samhita.


Our goal is to promote Ayurveda as a holistic approach to the human being by taking into account their environment, their pathology, their aspirations, so that they can recover health and flourish on a daily basis. We combine the basic principles of Ayurveda, the knowledge of modern medicine, the latest scientific discoveries and the Vedas philosophy to offer a global, physical, mental and spiritual health system. In one word, holistic.

Fleur exotique - L'ayurveda un système de santé holistique
Les traités d'Ayurveda décrivent l'utilisation des plantes médicinales
Texte en sanskrit, la langue originelle de l'Ayurveda
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