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Produits ayurvédiques de Sattva Ayurveda, un gage de qualité et de pureté
Our mission

Our mission is to promote Ayurveda by sharing the knowledge through quality products for your well-being.

Convinced of its benefits, we disseminate Ayurveda as a health system adapted to our modern societies. Our products are a concrete answer to contemporary issues such as stress and fatigue.


Our regular trips to India nourish our will to share the quality of the plants cultivated and prepared there in the respect of the tradition as described in the ancient texts of the Atharva Veda.


We choose our producers under the enlightened advice of our team of herbalists and Ayurvedic doctors on site. The selection of our plants is done on rigorous criteria and in accordance with the rules of organic farming. Our Ayurvedic preparations are the fruit of many research works to deliver cutting edge products to improve the health of all in a meaningful way.

The founders of Sattva Ayurveda. Who are we?

Kévin Auzou

After secondary level studies, I’ve been a manager in the banking field for about 15 years. I discovered Ayurveda in 2012 during a seminar in Athens, Greece.

This moment has deeply changed my life.


Immediately fascinated by this holistic science, I first experienced Ayurveda for myself going to Holistic Health Centre in Athens to receive treatment from Dr Kostopoulos.

Results have been tremendous, I recovered strength, health, joy and creativity.


With my health back, I quickly understood that Ayurveda is not only a very powerful health system but also has a spiritual dimension which I would say is fundamental.

Since then, as something obvious, I have deepened my understanding of Ayurveda during many stays in India where I learned its main principles.


I was fortunate enough to observe the amazing therapeutic effects of Ayurveda in Global Agnikarma Centre where thousands of patients benefit daily from this age-old science.

With this expertise, and convinced of the correctness of the ayurvedic approach of health, it becomes natural to me to share with as many people as possible the essence of this knowledge through our Sattva Ayurveda product line.

Kévin Auzou consultant en gestion du stress avec l'Ayurveda
Kevin Auzou intervient lors du séminaire Agnikarma 2018 à Ahmedabad

Rachel Guimbaud

Entrepreneuse sociale et formée à la psychothérapie centrée sur la personne, j’ai œuvré pendant 15 ans dans la création de dispositifs innovants en faveur de la santé des personnes en grande précarité. La prise en compte de la personne dans sa globalité a toujours été ma priorité afin de la guider vers son propre épanouissement et le développement de ses potentialités.


La santé n’est pas seulement l’absence de maladie. C’est avant tout la sensation d’être vivant et la joie d’être vivant. Il y a ce proverbe en Inde qui dit « vivre est un fait, bien vivre est un art. »

Je continue mes engagements en accompagnant les personnes dans la gestion du stress avec l'Ayurveda, le Yoga et la méditation ainsi que par l’animation de rencontres et de conférences en France. J'ai le plaisir également de partager les bienfaits de cette médecine holistique via les produits Sattva Ayurveda pour le bénéfice de toutes et tous.

Rachel Guimbaud consultante en gestion du stress avec l'Ayurveda
Rachel Guimbaud et Kevin Auzou consultants en gestion du stress avec l'Ayurveda
Our story

Sattva Ayurveda was born from the meeting of two French people who came to study Ayurveda in India, volunteers in an Ayurvedic clinic in Gujarat. The clinic delivers its own remedies and food supplements with a constant research work to deliver the best quality herbs to patients. They work hard to provide such a good quality of Ayurvedic products with conclusive results on the health of the patients. All this led us to distribute them more widely in Europe and everywhere else.


Ayurveda in Action, our partnership with Global Agnikarma Centre

"To make people better" is our motto.


Our consulting team consists of two Ayurvedic doctors graduated from the University of Jamnagar in Gujarat, Dr. Hitesh Chauhan and Dr. Krishna Patel. They both run the Global Agnikarma Centre clinic in Ahmedabad. The Ayurvedic clinic treats chronic pain of all kinds as well as migraines. They use the Agnikarma technique described in the Susruta Samhita. This technique is called nowadays thermal cautery.


Created in 2013, more than 35,000 patients have already been treated in the clinic with amazing results. By word of mouth, the number of patients continues to increase. Free consultations are given two days a week, welcoming 250 patients a day. Several times a month, free camps are also organized outside the clinic, in the temples of neighboring villages.


Allopathic specialists from different European countries have turned to the Global Agnikarma Centre to scientifically study the medical impact of this technique. In parallel with Agnikarma treatment, medicinal herbs are prescribed by doctors to optimize the healing process of patients. The quality of medicinal plants is essential if we want to achieve significant results. In the beginning, the patients supplied the herbs prescribed in the ordinary market and the quality was unfortunately insufficient to hope for notorious results.


The medical team has therefore looked for the best quality of herbs to provide to patients. Long-term work has been undertaken to find the best producers in India. Finding the best producer in India is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It was thus five years of scientific research on the molecular components of herbs, meetings of the producers on their agricultural lands, follow-ups with the laboratories to make sure that the process of transformation does not alter the medicinal properties of the herbs. These five years have resulted in the production of Ayurvedic products of superior quality unequal to that found on the current market. We control every steps of the production.


Through our Ayurvedic expertise, our passion for medicinal plants and our desire to improve the health of patients, we have brought together the best herbs for our products. The Sattva Ayurveda brand has been registered to share the benefit of our food supplements to anyone who wants a better day-to-day wellness.

Kévin Auzou
Rachel Guimbaud
Rachel et Kévin à Kheda avec l'équipe du Centre Global Agnikarma
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